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Your Translation Expert Since 1991

Contact Traductions Cosa for the translation of all your documents.

Personalized approach

Obtain accurate English to French translation of your documents by relying on my services. Being a freelance translator since 1991, I have accumulated the knowhow and experience necessary for the translation of audio and text files. I leave no stone unturned in my quest to guarantee you smooth and successful meetings and conferences. All your requirements during the translation process are completed adhered to.

Get an exact translation of your documents

Traduction Ville de Québec
Traduction Ville de Québec

Accurate translation of your documents

Make use of my services for the translation of all your training courses, minutes of meetings, etc. I work on texts sourced from websites, Power Point presentations and Word documents. I abide by your instructions, down to the most minute of details. I also ensure to deliver translated content that is easy to read and that does not give the impression of having been translated. Reliability and consistency form the backbone of my quality services.

I deliver easy-to-read content

I propose my services in the following sectors :

  • Governmental
  • Corporate
  • Private

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