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The mission of any professional translator is to deliver high-quality content in the target language and to respect the requirements of his/her clients. The foundation of the principles of quality practised at Traductions Cosa rests on one philosophy : respect.

Respect of the client :
having only one person in charge of communications ensures a personalized service that is respectful of clients’ requirements.

Respect of the layout and formatting :
faithful reproduction of the client’s page layout. For this purpose, we ask that all the documents be provided in electronic format.

Respect of the content :
a thorough and accurate translation, with content appearing to have been originally written in French. It is important that the content is easy to read and does not give off the impression that is has been translated. Reliability and consistency are essential elements in the translation process of quality content.

Respect of the deadlines :
good calculation of work to be carried out and good time management make it possible to deliver a high quality document to the client while respecting the due date.

Respect of the quote :
the documents are reviewed so as to gauge their complexity, technical character, urgency as well as the word count.

Word count is always based on the source document, and not on an unknown or approximate number of words in the target document.

This rough estimate can sometimes involve additional fees that could go up to 25 percent. This is why work is always done from a document provided in electronic format.

Respect of confidentiality :
Having a single owner and only one user on the information processing system ensures that the confidentiality of the information provided by our clients is duly protected.